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IAR Secure Desktop Provisioner - 製造フェーズへのセキュリティ対応

Secure Desktop Provisioner - 製造フェーズへのセキュリティ対応

Secure Desktop Provisioner

Secure provisioning at your desk

Secure Desktop Provisioner delivers secure provisioning at your desk, enabling simplified production for devices which do not require a fully automated production line. The product enables you, who have defined your company’s key infrastructure during development, to dynamically generate keys and provision these securely into the device alongside a cryptographically secured image of the application.

Provisioning provides unique characteristics to every device being produced, whether at the chip, board or system level. This enables every programmed device to be identified and acted upon, whether this is to provide authentication, or to enable updates to be targeted to a single device, or a group. The provisioning is often implemented alongside secure programming, ensuring as much information as possible is protected.

Key features

  • Dynamically interacts with target device to execute provisioning process in real time
  • Ensures that all application code, security features and production counters are fully protected
  • Designed to detect and respond to tamper attacks
  • Operates standalone with no internet connection required
  • Critical cryptographic keys are securely stored on a Trusted Platform Module certified to FIPS 140-2
  • Complete integration with IAR Embedded Workbench and C-Trust/Embedded Trust

Secure provisioning enabling Security from Inception

Security orientated development is traditionally challenging as there is a need to manage high-value code and secrets, including keys. 

The Security from Inception Suite enables developers to make the first critical step by building security into their designs ready for production. Secure Desktop Provisioner is a critical component of the Security from Inception Suite. For the first time, it is now possible to develop with keys and critical code being protected with the use of Secure Desktop Provisioner, a critical component of the security development workflow enabled by our security solutions. In C-Trust, development keys are replaced by secure production keys, during the creation of a final, secure production package. Secure Desktop Provisioner imports these production packages.

Provisioning with Secure Desktop Provisioner is done using an easy-to-use software tool which can automatically detect and provision new boards when connected, offering semi-automated operation. In addition, the software will only permit provisioning of the number of boards that have been authorized. The provisioning is controlled using tokens for prototyping and each board consumes one token per successful provisioning. Secure Desktop Provisioner includes 3000 tokens, and it is possible to add additional ones later.


Our security tools offer support for a wide range of devices, including Arm-based MCUs from STMicroelectronics, Renesas and NXP, as well as the Renesas RX MCU family devices, enabling you to choose the right MCU for the security and functional needs of your application. In addition, support for the vast majority of MCUs can be achieved through the use of Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL).

All devices in the following list are ported and tested by us.

STMicroelectronics Renesas Microchip NXP










i.MX RT1064

We are constantly updating our growing list of supported devices. If your device is not listed here, contact us to find out when your device will be supported.


Armアーキテクチャのデバイスに対してのプロビジョニングはIARシステムズ製エミュレータ「I-jet」を使用して完了できます。ルネサスRXファミリのデバイスに対してはルネサス製E2 Liteが使用できます。

動画で見るSecure Desktop Provisioner

In this short video, you get a brief look at how Secure Desktop Provisioner works together with IAR Embedded Workbench and C-Trust.

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